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VoidsWrath PokePack(Pokemon)

Modpack: VoidsWrath JurassicCraft 
Version: 1.0 
Type: 1.6.4
Mods: 19
Recommended Ram: 1.5GB+

The PokéPack Mod pack is a mod pack based around, you guessed it! POKEMON! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is Pokémon in Minecraft! There are various new structures, weapons, tools, the list is endless! You really won’t understand the true power of the pack until you play it yourself. The pack really makes you feel like you’re living in your Nintendo 3DS or Gameboy Advanced! It’s completely brilliant, one minute you could be levelling up on a diglet, then you’re killing a (GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW or RED) Boss, then a Shiney could possibly spawn above your head, you’ll have to use all your skill to catch this 1/10,000 Pokémon. Next thing you know you could be battling and using the Master Ball you got from a Boss drop on a legendary Pokémon! No two people could have the same experience with this Pack. There are hundreds of Pokémon to choose from. We have added a few mods that make the experience a lot more user friendly and overall a better time!

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