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VoidsWarth JurassicCraft

Modpack: VoidsWrath JurassicCraft
Version: 1.0
Type: 1.6.4
Mods: 52
Recommended Ram: 2GB+

"The JurassicCraft Mod pack is a mod pack based around Dinosaurs! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is minecraft re imagined. There are various new Dinosaurs, methods or cultivating and processing DNA along with many methods for exploration and archaeological enterprises! The pack really makes you feel like you’re living in an advanced technological era and engulfs you into the world of Jurassic Park. It is time for you to choose where you stand in the race to bring back the Dinosaurs. Do you support the advances of science to improve medicine and attract tourists from all over the globe or do you not wish to infect the world with what could possibly be the end of Human Kind! Be careful when looking after your Dinosaurs, nobody knows exactly the true extent of bringing them back."

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